Some of the reasons why John Piper doesn’t own a TV


It’s likely that nearly everyone you know owns and watches TV, but it’s rare to hear someone lay down a strong case against TV watching. Back in 2011 Andy Naselli put together a blog post in which he collated a lot of what John Piper has said or written about why he doesn’t own a TV. It’s a long post, and well worth reading in full, but here are a couple of my favourite quotes: Continue reading “Some of the reasons why John Piper doesn’t own a TV”

Some very useful apps

I have a love-hate relationship with technology, and in particular, my iPhone. There are days when it just seems to be a constant source of distraction. But when you discover an app that genuinely makes life easier, and helps you achieve things, it’s worth sharing. Three of my favourites:

1. Mailbox

This app enables you to get your inbox down to zero by handling your email in a very, very smart way. The main feature is the ability to defer emails to the right time (e.g. tell an email to return to your inbox tomorrow). This sounds like it might turn a procrastinator into an even worse procrastinator, but in my experience the opposite is true. I am able to deal with my emails far more effectively.

2. Lift

Lift is the simplest yet most powerful app on my phone. All it does it allow me to check off when I’ve done something that day. So, let’s say I have a goal to exercise every day; by putting “Exercise” as a goal into the app, and marking the days when I do some exercise, I can keep focussed on some long-term goals that I might otherwise forget. The icon sits on my dock and serves as a constant reminder to go for the most important goals before I tackle other things.

3. 7 Minute Workout

Apparently this is based on some bona fide science. The idea is to workout fairly intensively for a short amount of time, following a set routine, and using nothing but a chair and your own body weight (which is quite considerable in my case). If you keep at it consistently you’ll start to build up some muscle mass, and lose some fat. Whether or not it’s a smart way of exercising, the truth is I was doing¬†nothing¬†before, so 7 minutes has to be better than that.