Church plant: A request for your prayers

I first announced the church plant in May, a little over two months ago. During that time our small core team have been meeting together regularly to pray hard about the future, and I want to invite you to put us on your prayer list too.

Every time I meet with the team who are helping to plant this church I’m amazed and grateful to God for the rich array of gifts and skills they possess. But over and above that, there is a real sense of faith, of believing that God’s with us.

A couple of big milestones are in front of us, and if you want to pray in a focussed way these are the things I would encourage you to pray for.

1. A venue

After a fairly lengthy search we thought we had found an excellent venue. And then we were told we couldn’t use it. As you can imagine, it’s disheartening. But we trust that God knows our needs. It’s hard to plan ahead when we don’t have a place to meet, so please pray that God will open something up for us that will be ideal to get this thing off the ground.

It is genuinely heartbreaking to drive around London and see all the old buildings that are now design studios, flats, gig venues, clubs, and whatever else. I feel an odd mixture of longing (‘God, help us redeem those buildings that are still used as places of worship before they are sold off!’) and not a little anger at the causes of such decline, the most important being the fact that so many of these churches forgot or denied the gospel.

2. A late September start

Our plan is to start meeting on Sundays in late September, and open our doors for people to start joining the church plant. As things progress through the Autumn term, my hope is that we’ll have enough people to go for a stronger launch in January.

All of this requires some considerable work behind the scenes.

But the main issue for prayer here is that God will enable us to hit the ground running, and that we’ll actually start to see some fruitfulness. We want people to join, and we want to see people cross the line of faith as they’re confronted with the reality of Christ.


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