Church Plant: Approaching September

God is good.

We’re officially leaving Westminster Chapel on 31st August in order to form our new church plant, Grace London. As the weeks and months have passed the team have grown more excited. Allow me to take a moment to update you on a couple of important steps towards this being a reality.

1. Venue Update

As we’ve been praying about making a start in the Autumn, we’ve been able to find a venue! We’re meeting in the Horse & Stables on Westminster Bridge Road, just a few minutes walk from Waterloo Station. It’s the upper room of a lively pub, and a perfect size venue for us to begin our Sunday meetings. The doors will be open at 4pm on 28th September, 2014. As I mentioned in an earlier post,¬†we are hoping that throughout the Autumn term people will begin to join us on this venture with a view to launching more officially in 2015.

2. Website

Thanks to the hard work and skill of our resident designer, we’ve put together our website and it’s now live. Feel free to have a poke around and forward the link on to anyone you know who may want to come and visit the church.


For those of you who want to stay up-to-date you can sign up to our mailing list using the link on the Grace London website. I will occasionally send out some news and prayer requests as the months roll on.

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