God chooses the weak

At times you can feel painfully aware of your inadequacies and weaknesses. In facing the prospect of church planting, I feel that now more than ever. It’s because of my awareness of everything that could go wrong, and of all that we lack. It’s knowing that Jesus was right when he said, ‘Apart from me you can do nothing‘. It’s also because of a keen awareness of all the fake success that churches can enjoy, which is little more than wood, hay and stubble.

This paragraph leaped out at me as I read Jim Hamilton’s outstanding little book, What is Biblical Theology?:

“In the mystery of his wisdom, God chooses mostly weak and insignificant people as his own. He wants no humans boasting (1 Cor. 1.29), and he wants us relying on him, not ourselves (2 Cor. 1.9). When God sets out to make a great nation of one man’s descendants, he starts with a man whose wife is barren. When he wants to choose a king, he picks a young boy whose own father didn’t think he would be king, and so when the prophet comes to anoint one of his sons, Jesse doesn’t summon David until Samuel has passed over David’s older brothers (1 Sam. 16.10-11). When God wants to save the world, he sends his Son to become a baby, born to a peasant girl in questionable circumstances, and he sends him not to a great world capital but to a small town in Galilee. It’s almost as though God repeatedly gives a head start to the opponent who will never outrun him.”

There is sweet comfort in knowing that our weakness actually qualifies us for service.

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